Pfizer, Moderna refused J&J's offer to investigate blood clots - report

Friday, 16. April 2021 14:24

Johnson & Johnson privately contacted rival COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers Pfizer Inc., Moderna Inc., and AstraZeneca in an effort to join forces and study the potential blood clots risks of their vaccines, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

AstraZeneca showed interest in working with Johnson & Johnson to investigate the safety of the jabs and communicate all potential benefits and risks. Pfizer and Moderna both declined the offer, stating that their vaccines appeared to be safe and that there was no need to duplicate the work of other companies and regulators that are already investigating the clotting issue. In addition, the reputation that J&J jabs can cause blood clots could harm other vaccine companies if they were to associate on any level.

The use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused in the US on Tuesday by the United States Food and Drug Administration due to six patients suffering from blood clots within two weeks after receiving the jab. A study conducted by Oxford University researchers found that the rate of blood clots occurring in recipients of Pfizer and Moderna jabs is similar to those that received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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