Intel: Chip shortages may last multiple years

Monday, 31. May 2021 07:17

Intel Corp.'s Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger reiterated on Monday that the shortage of semiconductors might last up to several years before the supply issue is resolved.

Commenting on the problem, Gelsinger explained that the global lack of chips appeared due to people massively switching to working and studying from their homes. "But while the industry has taken steps to address near-term constraints it could still take a couple of years for the ecosystem to address shortages of foundry capacity, substrates and components," he concluded at a virtual session of the Computex tech show in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell estimated last week the shortage could last for an additional three-to-six months, noting his company hasn't had many difficulties addressing the issue, which has hit both the tech and the auto industry.

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