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Monday, 31. May 2021 16:00
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Personnel/Company Information

Vienna - The previously announced succession of CEO Johann Marihart by Markus
Mühleisen on 1 June 2021 will also be accompanied by further changes on the
Management Board of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG as well as in the general management
teams of certain subsidiaries.

After 16 years, Thomas Kölbl will be vacating his post on the Management Board
of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG to focus fully on his CFO role at Südzucker AG. He
will be succeeded on the AGRANA Management Board by Ingrid-Helen Arnold who has
been a board member of Südzucker AG since 1 May 2021. She will be responsible
for the area of internal auditing at AGRANA.

In the course of the restructuring and rejuvenation of the AGRANA Management
Board, Fritz Gattermayer has also decided after 12 years to step down from the
AGRANA Management Board with effect from 31 May 2021.

From 1 June 2021, the Management Board of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG will therefore
be made up of four members:

* CEO Markus Mühleisen
* CFO Stephan Büttner
* CTO Norbert Harringer
* Ingrid-Helen Arnold

With effect from 1 June 2021, Markus Mühleisen will also be appointed to the
Management Board of Südzucker AG, in Mannheim, Germany.

In addition to his role as AGRANA CEO, Markus Mühleisen will also be responsible
for areas such as sales and human resources as well as the Sugar Division. In
connection with this function, he is also being appointed CEO of the Sugar
Division to serve alongside Andreas Schröckenstein and Josef Eisenschenk.

In addition to his tasks as CFO, Stephan Büttner will additionally be
responsible for areas such as purchasing as well as the Fruit Division. In this
function, he will act as the CEO of the Fruit Division and be responsible for
finance and sales, serving alongside Benoit Biquet and Michael Frey. Jos
Kleppers has decided to pursue his career beyond the AGRANA Group and will be
stepping down from his role as CEO of the Fruit Division with effect from 30
June 2021.

In addition to his CTO tasks, Norbert Harringer will also be responsible for
areas such as Raw Materials and R&D as well as assuming overall responsibility
for the Starch Division. In this role, he will also act as the CEO of the Starch
Division, acting alongside Leontine Wratschko and Horst Hartl. The long-serving
CEO of the Starch Division, Josef Granner, has decided to step down from his
general management position in the Starch Division with effect from 30 June 2021
and to retire.

These restructuring steps will streamline management at AGRANA, align the
Management Board to operations and, as a result of the linkage between the
AGRANA Management Board and the general management teams of the divisions,
facilitate the leveraging of all synergies between the segments and the holding

The implementation of the above plans will see the AGRANA Executive Team shrink
from 20 to 13 members (Management Board members and general managers of the four
divisions), which will lead to additional efficiency in addition to significant
cost savings.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to all those vacating their
positions and wish Mrs. Arnold and Misters Mühleisen, Büttner and Harringer
every success for the future.

Johann Marihart, Chief Executive Officer, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG

Erwin Hameseder, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG


AGRANA converts agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous
industrial intermediate products. About 9,000 employees at 56 production
facilities worldwide generate annual Group revenue of around EUR 2.5 billion.
The Group was founded in 1988, is the global leader in fruit preparations and
also a major producer of fruit juice concentrates in Europe as well as being a
key manufacturer of customised potato, corn and wheat starch products as well as
organic ethanol in its Starch segment. AGRANA is one of the leading sugar
companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

This press release is available in German and English at www.agrana.com.

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