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Friday, 01. October 2021 10:10
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Good planting conditions for 2022 / contracting from October

Company Information

Vienna - Yesterday, AGRANA started the 2021 sugar beet processing campaign at
its sugar refinery in Tulln (Lower Austria). The plant in Leopoldsdorf in the
Marchfeld region (Lower Austria) will commence sugar beet processing on 2nd
October. The other AGRANA sugar refineries in Sered (Slovakia), Opava (Czech
Republic) and Roman (Romania) already began processing beet in mid-September and
the sites in Hrusovany (Czech Republic) and Kaposvár (Hungary) will be launching
their campaigns next week.

This year, 38,600 hectares of sugar beet were planted in Austria. The cold and
moist weather conditions in spring were very favourable for sugar beet growing.
Since the sowing in April, there have been no notable infestations of the young
plants with weevils and hardly any replanting scenarios due to pest damage
compared to the last two years.

As a result of the favourable weather conditions during the growing season, with
rain in August and sufficient hours of sunshine in September, AGRANA anticipates
slightly higher sugar contents than in the prior years and an average harvest.
Beet yields this year are expected to be between 78 and 80 metric tons per
hectare (prior year: 80 tons per hectare). In the prior year, AGRANA produced
around 285,000 metric tons of sugar from 2.1 million metric tons of sugar beet
in Austria.

The sugar beet campaign in Austria will last around 120 days and is expected to
finish at the end of January.

Less pest-related damage - good growing conditions for 2022

The cool, moist weather in the spring not only led to less pest-related damage
but also reduced the number of eggs laid by beet weevils. As a result, the
consistent precipitation over the course of the growing period inhibited the
formation of larvae. The situation with regard to pest infestation in 2022 is
therefore expected to remain favourable.

The contracting meetings with beet growers for the 2022 sugar beet season will
be taking place between 5 October and 5 November. AGRANA is again tendering
contracts with guaranteed minimum prices and therefore offering terms which make
beet growing an attractive option compared to other crops. The growing target
needed to ensure both sugar refineries can operate at full capacity remains at
least 38,000 hectares of planted sugar beet.

About AGRANA Sugar

AGRANA produces sugar at two sugar refineries in Austria, Tulln and
Leopoldsdorf. The Tulln site is home not only to the administration department
but also the central sugar warehouse in which all of the sugar varieties
produced and packaged under the Wiener Zucker brand are fully automatically
stored and picked in a high-bay warehouse with a storage capacity of around
8,000 metric tons of sugar products and then shipped. Sugar shipments from
Leopoldsdorf are mainly to the processing industry both as bulk and packaged
(Big Bags and 50kg bags).


AGRANA converts agricultural raw materials into high-quality foods and numerous
industrial intermediate products. Around 9,000 employees at 55 production sites
worldwide generate annual Group revenue of approximately EUR 2.5 billion.
Established in 1988, the company is the world's market leader in fruit
preparations and the leading producer of fruit juice concentrates in Europe. In
addition, its Starch segment is also a major manufacturer of custom starch
products (made from potato, corn and wheat) and of bioethanol. AGRANA is the
leading sugar producer in Central and Eastern Europe.

This announcement is available in German and English at www.agrana.com [https://
www.agrana.com/en]. [https://www.agrana.com/en]

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