Meicam(Meishe) Empowers Baidu Video Editing Tool "Duka" to Make Knowledge Creation Easier

Monday, 18. October 2021 09:36

Beijing, China--(Newsfile Corp. - October 18, 2021) - Recently, Meicam(Meishe) Smart Video and Audio Solutions provide the underlying technical support for Baidu Duka-Video Editing Application to create the professional video editing APP. It can help users to reduce the difficulty of video production and produce more knowledge video content. Meicam provides excellent video and audio technology capabilities and professional customized services to Duka Editing this time.

The "pan-entertainment" of short video content has always been serious, leading to the overcapacity of entertainment. In order to cultivate new growth points and enhance competitiveness, the internet giant has begun to deploy "pan-knowledge" short video fields.

However, the current mainstream short video content creation platforms have many inconveniences for pan-knowledge content creators: most of the templates are entertaining and cannot be completely matched with pan-knowledge vertical content. They take a lot of time for creators to search for materials in the early stage: adding subtitles, sound effects, and changing background, which result in a longer content production cycle and lower creative efficiency.

As a cliché goes " you cannot make bricks without straw". Recently, Baidu's first video editing tool for pan-knowledge creators--"Duka Editing", has been fully upgraded, aiming to specifically solve the problem of pan-knowledge creators such as complex creation process and low content productivity. Duka Editing connects with Baidu Network disk (cloud service) to help authors import the material in Network disk with one click. It is different from traditional editing software. Relying on Baidu's powerful AI technology and massive resources, Duka's speech recognition, image recognition, AI translation, and other functions are powerful.

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As an editing software for "pan-knowledge" video content production, efficient editing functions, rich packaging materials and templates are very important.

In order to provide a high-quality user experience, Baidu has done a lot of research and practice. After through several stages of testing and comparison, it finally adopts the Meicam(Meishe) Smart Video and Audio Solution, and both two parties reached a video content editing, technology, and service cooperation.

Focusing on technology development in the audio-visual field for more than 20 years, the founding team of Meicam has more than 70 patented technologies and a professional technology R&D team with years of experience in the video and audio field and Internet industries. Meicam provides professional effect customization tools and the entire product adopts easy-to-use interactive design, with multiple tracks, keyframe curves, and dozens of atomic special effects. Meanwhile, Meicam also designs its exclusive filters, subtitles, albums, and other special effects materials.

By accessing the Meishe Video SDK in the solution, Baidu developers can quickly and easily implement the video editing function in the Duka application. Meicam not only provides excellent video and audio technology capabilities and professional customized services, but also provides UI open source interfaces. Therefore, users can customize the interface according to their own business. Based on Baidu's own powerful AI technology, the two parties jointly built a powerful professional video editing platform.

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【Quick Editing】

The main TAB of Duka's editing page is very concise. It is divided into "editing", "packaging" and "music", which is more suitable with the user's editing preference and quickly completes video production. In addition, based on voice algorithm recognition technology, Duka Editing has launched the most distinctive "Quick Editing" function, which can quickly solve the processing of invalid clips, such as the clip of the creator forgetting or repeating his/her words while facing the camera, etc. This function divides the video content into consecutive segments through intelligent voice recognition capabilities, which can quickly identify and delete invalid clips such as silence and repetition, and it can edit by the video subtitles.

【Editing AB Track】

In order to avoid boring screen content, most videos will complement the relevant material images while the characters are speaking to enrich the video content. In Duka editing, the A track can be imported into the main video to control the overall duration; the B track can put relevant materials to supplement the content. Next, through material labeling and video content analysis, "Duka" can recommend material on the B track, improving creators' editing efficiency.

【Rich Special Effects】

Through the filter and special effects function in Duka's editing, users can color the video and modify the characters to make it in line with the creative intent. There are various types of filters in detailed classifications. For example, it provides ten kinds of food filters, and the image tone and design are different, which can adapt to different editing styles with a wide application scenarios. In addition, Duka Editing provides many special transition styles. The jumping style is highly applicable for today's short videos.

【Diversified Tools】

The caption is the most basic and most important part of video editing. Duka editing not only supports position adjustment of the caption but also supports caption recognition. It can intelligently recognize the content of the user's words and convert it into text. When the user edits video content, this function can minimize the time for the video production. In response to the demand for knowledge videos, Duka Editing has also connected Baidu Baike. Users can directly search keywords through the "Encyclopedia Card" function in Duka Editing, and then it will appear the Baidu Baike card, which can be inserted into the video. At the same time, users can also find a wealth of stickers, flower characters, bubbles, sound effects, and other props in Duka editing.

For content creation, whether it is in the consideration of a rich product matrix or a comprehensive improvement on the content ecology, video editing is always an important part. Baidu launches Duka Editing App, which represents its determination to develop a perfect platform for knowledge short video content.

Meicam and Baidu Duka Editing have joined to integrate the existing technology, product, and service resources of both parties, and strive to create an efficient and professional "pan-knowledge" video editing tool so that more good creators can output high-quality video content.

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