Norway delivers all the gas it can to Germany - PM

Monday, 15. August 2022 20:27

Oslo is doing all it can to provide Berlin with all the gas it can possibly deliver at the moment, Norway Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (pictured) said on Monday during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The news follows the latest meeting between the two politicians who met in Oslo today to discuss the ongoing challenges Europe is facing at the moment, with the Norwegian prime minister referring to Berlin as Oslo's ''most important partner in Europe.''

''Norway and Germany have enjoyed wide-ranging cooperation on energy for many years. We are now expanding this to include areas such as hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, offshore wind power, battery production and more,'' the official statement read.

Previously, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck stated his country will face challenges on its way to stop its energy dependence on Russia, while Berlin is set to impose a gas price levy to prevent its companies like Uniper from failing.

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