AstraZeneca user error exposed patient data - report

Thursday, 03. November 2022 17:52

AstraZeneca was keeping a list of credentials enabling access to sensitive patient data for more than a year due to a "user error," TechCrunch reported on Thursday.

In a statement, AstraZeneca spokesperson Patrick Barth told TechCrunch that some data records were temporarily available on a developer platform due to a user error, claiming that the access was stopped "immediately after we have been informed." According to the report, some of the data was related to AZ&ME Prescription Savings Program, which offers discounts to patients who need medications.

Barth confirmed that the company is investigating the root cause, emphasizing that "the protection of personal data is extremely important...we strive for the highest standards and compliance with all applicable rules and laws." At this time, it remains unknown whether anyone accessed or extracted the data.

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