FDA to decide on Pfizer's RSV vaccine by May

Wednesday, 07. December 2022 17:08

Pfizer Inc. confirmed on Wednesday that the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) accepted to review its RSV vaccine candidate, with the final decision expected by May next year.

The vaccine aims to prevent the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which causes cold-like symptoms in the majority of the adult population. However, RSV could be potentially deadly to infants and the elderly. Up to 120,000 older adults with RSV get hospitalized in the United States every year, and up to 10,000 of them die due to the virus.

Pfizer's vaccine candidate has been determined to be highly effective in reducing disease symptoms, per the preliminary data provided by the company. Pfizer's stock gained nearly 2% on Wall Street to hover around early August levels.

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