MyPillow's Lindell sues Dominion for $1.6B

Monday, 19. April 2021 17:56

MyPillow Inc. will be countersuing Dominion Voting Systems Corporation for $1.6 billion, MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Michael Lindell (pictured) said on Monday.

Lindell previously announced on Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic podcast that he would take legal action against Dominion. Dominion filed a lawsuit against the CEO in February for $1.3 billion for the alleged defamation of the voting hardware company regarding the accusations of election fraud. Lindell also announced that his legal team will include lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who had been a part of former US President Donald Trump's legal team during his first impeachment trial in 2020.

The CEO's statements came during the official launch of his brand new social media platform Frank Speech. The platform launched briefly on Monday, but wasn't accessible due to errors which Lindell attributed to a "massive attack."

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