RWE loses €0.11 per share in first three quarters

Wednesday, 14. November 2018 07:19

A rise in noncontrolling interests was attributed for the most part to a negative result of €65 million on adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of €1.14 billion for the first three quarters, RWE AG said in results of group operations. The bottom line compares to earnings of €2.22 billion one year before, while the second figure declined 26.8% year on year, the power producer said on Wednesday. The loss per share came in at €0.11 after it profited €3.61 in the nine months through September 2017. The group's external revenue dropped 3.4% to €9.99 billion.

Debt from continuing operations appeared in the results, at €4.34 billion, while headcount dropped by 7.6% to 17,653. On the other hand, free cash flow landed at €2.91 billion, compared to a negative €4.66 billion one year before.

"We are very satisfied with the development in the first three quarters of 2018: the earnings of our core business are developing as planned. We will achieve our operating goals for the full year and confirm the envisaged increase in the ordinary dividend to 70 euro cents," finance head Markus Krebber said.

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