Novartis to help CureVac boost vaccine production

Thursday, 04. March 2021 14:25

CureVac N.V. and Novartis International AG signed a deal on Thursday, agreeing to join forces in the production of CureVac's COVID-19 vaccine, CVnCoV.

The joint statement read that Novartis intends to "manufacture the mRNA and bulk drug product of the CVnCoV" at its production site "in Kundl, Austria," and added that the move could help CureVac boost its output by 50 million doses in 2021.

Novartis signed a similar contract with Pfizer in late January. Earlier this month, the European Medicines Agency started the rolling review of CureVac's COVID jab. Upon the release of the news, CureVac's shares surged more than 4% in the premarket.

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