Ireland investigates FB over GDPR breach

Wednesday, 14. April 2021 16:54

Ireland's Data Protection Commission (DPC) launched an investigation on Wednesday into Facebook Inc.'s data breach, that left around 533 million user data available online.

The watchdog stated that it "engaged with Facebook Ireland in relation to this reported issue, raising queries in relation to GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] compliance," and following responses from the company found it possible that "one or more provisions of the GDPR and/or the Data Protection Act 2018 may have been, and/or are being, infringed in relation to Facebook Users’ personal data."

The DPC launched an investigation in order to fully determine whether Facebook has "complied with its obligations, as data controller, in connection with the processing of personal data of its users by means of the Facebook Search, Facebook Messenger Contact Importer and Instagram Contact Importer features of its service," and is looking for potential further breaches of GDPR.

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