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Heidelberg (pta036/27.01.2022/18:15) - Highlights:

* "Silumina Anodes" launched and registered as name for Altech’s composite anode material
* Innovative battery material shows around 30 percent increase in lithium-ion battery performance in the lab
* Altech expects a further increase in battery performance in the next step through increased addition of silicon in the anode material

Altech Advanced Materials AG (AAM / the Company) (FRA: AMA1) announces that Altech Chemicals Limited (ATC) has launched and registered the product name Silumina Anodes ™ for its proposed alumina coated composite silicon/graphite lithium-ion battery anode material. The Silumina Anodes™ are to be produced in the battery materials coating plant of the joint venture Altech Industries Germany GmbH (AIG) to be built in Schwarze Pumpe. AIG is 75 percent owned by ATC and 25 percent by AAM.

Altech Group's goal with Silumina Anodes ™ is to provide battery manufacturers with an anode material that leads to a significant increase in performance in lithium-ion batteries. Silumina Anodes™ is a composite material consisting of silicon and graphite particles coated with alumina. The basis for this innovative battery material is Altech's proprietary aluminum oxide coating technology.

Altech Group has succeeded in applying its alumina coating technology to both silicon and graphite particles. Laboratory results confirm that by replacing the conventional anode material in lithium-ion batteries with Silumina Anodes™, an approximately 30 percent higher energy retention capacity is achieved. This makes such a battery clearly superior to currently used lithium-ion batteries with pure graphite anodes in terms of energy capacity, energy retention, life and performance.

On the technology

Previously unsolved problems with the use of silicon in lithium-ion battery anodes included swelling of the silicon particles by up to 300 percent of their volume, intolerable capacity loss of up to 50 percent in the first cycle, and rapid degradation of the battery with each charge and discharge cycle. The negative characteristics that previously prevented the industrial application of a high percentage of silicon in the anode material have been avoided under laboratory conditions in Altech's graphite-silicon composite battery anode.

Altech has shown that silicon particles can be modified to eliminate the capacity loss that results from swelling and loss of capacity in the first cycle. In a further development step, Altech now intends to significantly increase performance in battery applications beyond the 30 percent achieved to date by successively increasing the silicon content in the anode material.

The Board of Directors

About Altech Advanced Materials AG
Heidelberg-based Altech Advanced Materials AG (ISIN: DE000A2LQUJ6) ("AAM") is an investment company listed in Frankfurt. The company's objective is to participate in the market for lithium-ion batteries and thus in the rapidly growing sector of electromobility as well as in the expected market development for the other applications of high-purity alumina. To this end, Altech Advanced Material AG has acquired a 25% stake in Altech Industries Germany, Dresden, ("AIG"), where a factory for the production of coating material for anode batteries is to be built together with the partner Altech Chemicals Limited, Australia ("ATC"). A feasibility study is currently underway. AIG holds the exclusive rights to use the coating technology for anode materials and the rights to the high purity alumina ("HPA") production technology within the European Union from Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia. In addition, AAM holds an option to acquire up to a 49% interest in Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia ("Altech") for up to $100 million. Currently, Altech is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATC. Altech owns the IP rights to the HPA technology as well as being the wholly owned parent company of Altech Chemicals Sn Bd, Malaysia, through which a 4,500 tonne HPA plant is to be built in Johor, Malaysia, and Altech Meckering Pty Ltd, Australia, the company that holds the rights to the kaolin mine from which the raw material for HPA production is sourced.
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