LowCarbUSA(R) Announces Dates for Symposium for Metabolic Health - Boca Raton

Monday, 31. October 2022 12:46

San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 31, 2022) - LowCarbUSA® has announced the dates for its next event, Symposium for Metabolic Health - Boca 2023. The event will be held at the Boca Raton Marriott Hotel from January 13 to January 15 and will be open to both the general public and health practitioners. The symposium will feature 20 speakers who are all highly experienced, trained and up-to-date on therapeutic carbohydrate reduction (TCR). An entire day of the event is dedicated to sugar and carbohydrate addiction, which is highly relevant in view of the growing rates of obesity across the globe. The experts speaking at the symposium will cover a wide range of topics related to the use of TCR as a therapeutic tool for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, the relationship between chronic illness and insulin resistance and strategies for treating obesity and achieving sustainable weight loss.

Some of the headline speakers at the event include experts like Ben Bickman, PhD, a leading expert on insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. Another notable speaker at the symposium will be David Unwin, FRCGP, the foremost advocate of TCR in the United Kingdom, who has published numerous scientific papers on the subject - the latest being: Renal function in patients following a low carbohydrate diet for type 2.

LowCarbUSA® is an organization that focuses on dietary education about the benefits of a TCR lifestyle for metabolic health through scientific symposia and educational content. These events headline expert speakers, including medical researchers and physicians. The Boca event can be attended either in-person or virtually with videos being available to all the attendees. Medical professionals can earn CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits by attending the event.

For many years, the conventional thinking was that saturated fat was a dietary villain, when observational studies supposedly showed a link between saturated fat and heart disease. This concept led to many people replacing fat with carbohydrates causing an increase in obesity rates and chronic diseases across the world.

Doug Reynolds, Founder and CEO of LowCarbUSA® set up the organization to propagate the benefits of a low-carb diet for metabolic health after he personally experienced the effect the approach had on his general health, endurance levels and brain function.

Commenting on the forthcoming symposium and the benefits of a low carb diet, Doug Reynolds said, "It has become evident that a high carbohydrate diet causes insulin levels to spike multiple times throughout the day, leading to insulin resistance over time. Together with the inflammatory nature of a high carb diet, insulin resistance leads to the risk of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological conditions, obesity and many others. It is imperative to properly control insulin levels in our blood and eliminate inflammation to reverse a lot of these conditions. Due to the clout of the food industry and general lack of awareness, many people are still unaware of the importance of controlling insulin levels through a lower intake of carbohydrates to reduce their insulin resistance. Events like the Symposium for Metabolic Health in Boca will help get this information out and spread awareness about the benefits that I have experienced for myself. Many people are seriously addicted to sugar and carbohydrates, including many of the medical professionals themselves. For them, switching to a low carb diet is a struggle, which is why we have dedicated an entire day to sugar and carbohydrate addiction."

About LowCarbUSA®

LowCarbUSA® is an organization that is dedicated to promoting the importance of a low carb lifestyle among medical practitioners and the general community by organizing scientific conferences, providing online coaching, establishing a comprehensive library of scientific papers and a world wide database of 'Low Carb Friendly' healthcare providers and nutritionists.

San Diego, California, United States

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