Hawley slams Biden's response to China's balloon

Friday, 03. February 2023 22:46

United States Senator Josh Hawley (pictured) on Friday urged Senate Homeland Security Committee to convene a hearing over President Joe Biden's "baffling response" to China's surveillance balloon that is currently flying over the country.

"China's foray into America's sovereign airspace is deeply disturbing and calls for an immediate investigation," the senator wrote in a letter, labeling Beijing's claim that the balloon was used for research and was deflected by weather as a "lie." "This is a matter of homeland security, and we should hear from senior members of the Biden administration to understand their response, or lack thereof, so far," he stressed.

The balloon is "maneuverable," the Pentagon said earlier, but it added that it does not pose a "military threat" to civilians. However, it cautioned that shooting it down might be hazardous because of the danger that falling debris might pose to people on the ground.

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