Tesla unveils Optimus robot prototype

Saturday, 01. October 2022 03:19

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk presented the prototype of the Optimus robot at the company's AI Day. Once in production, the robot should be able to operate tools and be "useful," Musk said, adding that it is "incredibly important" that it can be produced at a high volume, low cost and high reliability. He stated the price should be less than $20,000 and that it will be made in "millions" of units. The robot will be equipped with a 2.3 kWh battery pack, enough for a day's work, a modified Tesla self-driving system, Wi-Fi and audio support, as well as hardware security features.

Musk stressed the need for safety and accountability in the development of a robot equipped with artificial intelligence. "It's very important that the corporate entity that makes this happen is something that the public can properly influence, so I think the Tesla structure is ideal for that," Musk said, referring to the company's public listing. "If I go crazy, you can fire me," he joked.

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