Europe ends week of trading with losses

Friday, 14. December 2018 17:30

European markets closed lower on Friday ending the week of trading with losses amid the summit of the European leaders in Brussels. French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said earlier that it is up to Prime Minister Theresa May to find a way to pass the Brexit deal in the UK House of Commons and that it is impossible to reopen negotiations on London's divorce from the EU. Additionally, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pointed out that there is no intention for the Irish backstop to be permanent.

The DAX closed 0.66% in the negative territory led by Adidas AG losses of 2.68%. The CAC 40 decreased 1.07% at the market close, led by Valeo losses of 4.19%. The FTSE 100 ended 0.65% in the red. The Eurostoxx 50 fell 0.75% at the closing bell with Schneider Electric down 3.15%. The euro lost 0.61% against the dollar to change hands for 1.1295 at 5:32 pm CET.

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