Google won't track users after dropping cookies support

Wednesday, 03. March 2021 15:54

Google's director of product management David Temkin shared in a blog post on Wednesday that the tech company won't be using any new tracking tools after it shuts down the cookies service on Chrome. Instead, it will use "privacy-preserving technologies" that are driven by anonymization and aggregation of data.

Last year, Google announced that by 2022 it would end the support for third-party cookies in Chrome, a tool that plays a major role in the digital advertising ecosystem. Therefore, the company started a "Private Sandbox" project, aimed at finding the balance between user's privacy and targeted ads, which at the end of the day pay for content to be free.

"Keeping the internet open and accessible for everyone requires all of us to do more to protect privacy - and that means an end to not only third-party cookies, but also any technology used for tracking individual people as they browse the web. We remain committed to preserving a vibrant and open ecosystem where people can access a broad range of ad-supported content with confidence that their privacy and choices are respected," Temkin's blogpost read.

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