France to offer alternative vaccine after first AZ shot

Friday, 09. April 2021 09:20

French Health Minister Olivier Veran (pictured) stated on Friday that the country will issue recommendations that an alternative second vaccine dose should be given to those people that had their first AstraZeneca shot and are under 55.

Speaking to RTL, Veran said that "it is quite consistent to say that we do not recommend the vaccine to those under 55, and therefore if you have received the first injection and you are under 55, you will be offered another vaccine," adding that the intended move was "completely logical." He also stressed that this was a "precautionary measure and not an exclusionary measure," assuring people that they will get their second injection on time. The alternative vaccines offered will be the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, both messenger RNA-based.

France is the second country to offer alternative second vaccine doses to those that had their first AstraZeneca jab, following Germany, over concerns that the vaccine causes blood clots.

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