AstraZeneca cuts vaccine deliveries to EU by half - report

Friday, 09. April 2021 18:05

AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company had cut the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses it will deliver to the European Union next week by 49% to 1.3 million shots from the previously promised 2.6 million, Financial Times reported on Friday, citing obtained documentation.

The slash will be evenly distributed among 27 EU member states, with the addition of Iceland and Norway. The reduction was caused by a delay in testing operations. Nevertheless, the company is still committed to delivering the 70 million doses it is obligated to in the second quarter of the year.

Meanwhile, some European countries, such as Germany and France have decided to use alternative brands of vaccines for those patients who already have received their first of two doses of the AstraZeneca jab, partly over concerns with blood-clot side effects the vaccine allegedly caused in some cases.

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