J&J COVID-19 shot 90% effective against Delta variant - study

Saturday, 10. July 2021 16:00

The single-dose coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson is 90% effective against the Delta variant, according to a study published by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) on Saturday. "The message is the J&J vaccine is inducing really good, really long term immunity, at least right now. It appears to be about 90% effective against the Delta variant, very similar to the mRNA vaccines," said Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the division of infectious diseases at UAB.

Marrazzo added there is currently not enough information indicating whether a booster shot is needed. "Theoretically, and at least in the clinical cases, it looks like a good idea. There’s no downside to it, as far as we know, other than the inconvenience, the side effects, and of course the cost, if you’re paying for it. And there could be a potential benefit." However, she declined to make a recommendation for a booster shot in light of vaccination inequality across the world.

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