Everest Organics to make Merck COVID pill ingredient

Tuesday, 12. October 2021 10:15

Indian drug manufacturer Everest Organics Ltd announced on Tuesday that it has commenced production of the active ingredient of Merck & Co's COVID-19 drug molnupiravir.

"After the successful development and commercialization of various COVID-19 drugs, such as Oseltamivir, Remdesivir, Posaconazole, Everest Organics Limited is on its path of expansion of this portfolio ... Everest is planning and preparing to be an active player in viral segment in the upcoming future," said the company's CEO Dr. Srikakarlapudi Sirisha.

Everest is one of at least eight Indian drugmakers with whom Merck has entered into licensing agreements, as the pharmaceutical giant looks to rapidly expand production.

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