Green Bitcoin Beyond the Arctic Circle: Minto Invests $ 60M in Mining and Prepares for IDO

Friday, 26. November 2021 19:09

Dubai, United Arab Emirates--(Newsfile Corp. - November 26, 2021) - The Minto project, which raised $ 1.5 million at the presale stage, is on the way to enter IDO with BTCMT tokens. In Minto, environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining with a minimum carbon footprint is guaranteed.

In Karelia, a part of northern Russia beyond the Arctic Circle, a new data center has been built by the project team. In this place, due to the continuing installation of new mining hardware, the current bitcoin mining capacity of the data center exceeds 500 PH/s and keeps growing. According to the company, the volume of investments in the project is more than $60 million. The equipment mines bitcoins, and each BTCMT token is provided with a real bitcoin mining capacity of 0.01 TH/s.

Minto notes that the approach used to mine Bitcoin is eco-friendly, as its data-center is powered by the Karelian hydroelectric power plant, which complies with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the field of green energy. Using the energy of water by the plant provides the mining carbon footprint minimization.

The first million tokens (out of five million) were distributed at the presale stage at a price of $1.5 per unit. Currently, at the pre-IDO stage, the BTCMT token costs just over $ 1.72 per unit.

The platform offers its own mining facilities to produce new BTCMTs. Owning BTCMT is equivalent to owning the respective mining capacity. The token holders receive a daily portion of Bitcoins from the total pool of 50 000 TH/s proportional to their share in mining power.

Moreover, Minto is ready to swiftly increase the hash rate in case of high demand for the tokens, which will keep the reward for each stacking holder at a high level. At the same time, the Minto hash rate is verified by Huobi Pool, a major mining pool.

In the nearest quarter, Minto is to conduct an IDO on the MDEX and WeStarter HECO Chain platforms, as well as to list on the DEX decentralized exchange. Listing on the Houbi Global crypto exchange is also being considered.

The project's team is a collective group of people from Europe and Russia spread across the world. Minto is founded by entrepreneurs with years of mining experience. The headquarters is in DMCC Free Zone in Dubai, the UAE. The main mining facilities with a data center are located in Karelia. Minto expects to lower the entrance threshold to the mining market for casual users and expand the area of application for the eco-friendly Bitcoin. The company noted that its eco program of planting trees in the Karelian region is being worked on.


Vera Konetskaya

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