Ten-year Treasury yield highest in two years

Tuesday, 18. January 2022 10:17

The yield on the benchmark ten-year United States Treasury note increased on Tuesday to its highest level since January 2020. Federal Reserve officials recently forecasted that the first of several interest rate hikes in 2022 could be coming in as early as March, possibly impacting demand for bonds, whose prices and yields move in opposite directions.

The return on the 10-year Treasury note rose by 3.8 basis points to 1.83% at 4:15 am ET. The yield on the two-year note was up 8.2 basis points to 1.043% at 4:21 am ET reaching the highest point since February 2020, while the return on the 30-year bond advanced 2.4 basis points to 2.149% at 4:22 am ET.

The two-year note futures decreased 0.04%, the 10-year note futures were down 0.12% and the 30-year bond futures rose 0.02% at 4:15 am ET.

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