Japan, India cut flights to US due to 5G

Tuesday, 18. January 2022 22:04

Airline companies in Japan and India are reducing the number of flights to the United States due to the danger of complications from the recent installation of 5G towers in the vicinity of airports in the US.

"Due to the rollout of 5G communications in the US, our flights from India to the US will be reduced or revised from January 19 with a change in aircraft type," Air India stated on Twitter. Japan Airlines decided to call off three passenger and five cargo US flights. Furthermore, the Japanese All Nippon Airways (ANA) stated it could cancel up to 20 passenger and cargo flights to the US scheduled between Tuesday and Thursday.

Earlier today, American airlines' representatives appealed to the US Department of Transportation to postpone the installation of 5G technology near airports, as the radio signals from 5G towers may interfere with the general safety of traffic in the airport areas.

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