Microsoft, Unity partner to support 3D creators

Montag, 08. August 2022 15:16

Microsoft Corp. announced on Monday its partnership with Unity Software Inc, as the two are set to work together to give the creators the opportunity to reach players across Windows and Xbox devices through Azure, a cloud computing service operated by Microsoft.

Microsoft stated that the partnership will offer creators an opportunity to produce real-time 3D (RT3D) assets, both for games and non-gaming worlds, by recreating real-world places and objects. Azure already supports the world's largest games and is bringing innovative learnings to power RT3D experiences for all industries, which is why Unity chose it as its cloud partner.

"Our ambition to democratize the development of games and game-like experiences around the world and across industries depends on strong partnerships, particularly with game engines like Unity. The partnership between Microsoft and Unity will also enable Made with Unity game creators to more easily reach their players across Windows and Xbox devices and unlock new success opportunities," Microsoft said in a blog post.

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