Trump: Biden is wrecking our economy

Wednesday, 05. October 2022 22:44

Former United States President Donald Trump accused on Wednesday his successor Joe Biden of "wrecking" the country's economy and "destroying the rule of law," which is why "we are now a nation in decline," "a failing nation," and "a nation of fear."

In his speech at the Hispanic Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida, Trump noted that "America is supposed to be a land of hope, freedom, and security," but now is one marked by "recession, probably depression, [and] repression." He also blamed the rising trend in inflation on Biden and his administration and remarked that such a figure is "hitting Hispanic Americans hardest than any group."

Commenting on the presence of Hispanic Americans in society, Trump underscored that they are "a blessing to our nation." He went on to claim that Hispanic Americans are "going more and more for Trump and the Republican Party and they should be" given the current administration's policies, which the "establishment never saw [...] coming," while stressing that "the time has come to stand up and defend America and everything it stands for."

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