Linde's Q4 sales at $7.3B, up 3%

Friday, 05. February 2021 12:03

Linde Plc announced on Friday its revenue in the fourth quarter of the year landed at $7.3 billion, more than analysts expected. It also reported its adjusted earnings per share came in at $2.30 while operating profit stood at $1 billion.

Sales for the full year were down 3% to $27.2 billion while operating profit stood at $3.3 billion. The operating profit margin for the year 2020 was 14.2% while adjusted EPS rose by 22% to $2.30.

"Looking ahead, the near-term economic outlook remains uncertain. However, I have confidence in our ability to grow EPS double-digit percent irrespective of the macro environment while also leveraging any economic recovery. In addition, I expect to capture more than our fair share of quality growth opportunities in secular markets like healthcare, electronics and clean energy," Linde's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Angel commented on the results.

After the release of the report, the chemical company's shares rose by 2.34% to $255 in the premarket trading at 6:14 am ET.

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