Asia-Pacific trades mostly lower on pandemic, data

Thursday, 09. September 2021 07:21

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region traded mostly lower on Thursday, as investors analyzed the impact that the latest data reports and pandemic news had on trading. China reported that in August its inflation level was slightly down when compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, Japan looked to extend the state of emergency in 19 prefectures until the end of September and Japan Airlines reportedly planned to raise $2.7 billion to help fight the impact of the pandemic on the industry.

The Nikkei 225 decreased 0.72% at 7:18 am CET, while the dollar concurrently dropped 0.08% against the yen going for ¥110.1660. Meanwhile, a minute later, the Kospi Composite and the S&P/ASX 200 both traded lower, losing 1.31% and 1.87% respectively.

In mainland China, the Shenzhen Composite fell 0.79% at 7:20 am CET, while the Shanghai Composite registered the only gains of the session, increasing 0.08% at the same time. Over in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng was down by 1.83% at 7:21 am CET.

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