Omicron cases to top one million before 2022 - UK

Friday, 10. December 2021 18:17

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said on Friday that the number of individuals infected by the Omicron coronavirus variant will surpass one million before the end of December if it continues to spread at its current pace. However, the agency also pointed out that there were no hospitalizations or deaths among those infected by the new strain.

The preliminary data from a study that included 581 people infected by Omicron showed that AstraZeneca plc and Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech SE respective vaccines "provided much lower levels of protection against symptomatic infection compared to the protection that they provide against Delta." On the other hand, the "effectiveness against the new variant appears to increase considerably in the early period after a booster dose, providing around 70% to 75% protection against symptomatic infection," according to the study.

"This data should be interpreted with caution until more cases have been studied," the agency warned.

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