GSK's turnover at £9.78B in Q1, up 32% YoY

Mittwoch, 27. April 2022 08:10

GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) announced on Wednesday that its turnover came in at £9.78 billion in the first quarter of fiscal 2022 after soaring 32% compared to the same trimester in 2021.

In the first three months of 2022, gross profit and operating profit amounted to £6.09 billion and £2.8 billion, respectively, rising 23% and 65% year on year and diluted earnings per share surged 67% to reach 35.6p.

"We have delivered strong first quarter results in this landmark year for GSK, as we separate Consumer Healthcare and start a new period of sustained growth. Our results reflect further good momentum across specialty medicines and vaccines," CEO Emma Walmsley said in the press release.

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