HEMINCUFF: Noel Veloz Shows the Fashion World What He Can Do

Thursday, 01. April 2021 22:00

Los Angeles, CA, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Luxury vegan fashion designer Noel Veloz remembers when he walked into a retail store for his first job. “Magic,” he says, remembering. “It was everything I had been waiting for. All the other jobs I had held - librarian, physical therapist, and some other things - vanished from my mind. All I could think was that I was surrounded by clothes and accessories, and it felt natural. I had definitely found my calling.”

From there, Noel would go on to learn everything he could about the industry, and he eventually founded HEMINCUFF, a highly successful line of accessories. Noel’s clients are typically people at the height of their professions, including CEOs and celebrities like Fabolous. His work is noted for its attention to detail and precision and has made Noel in demand.

To understand Noel’s success, you have to go all the way back to success. “I don’t think I could have been anything other than a designer,” he says. “While other kids were surrounded by LEGOs and Tonka Trucks, I was surrounded by bags and small accessories. That was okay by me because I loved it all.”

Noel’s father, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was a designer, and Noel spent hours in the basement, watching as his father sewed clutches, backpacks, card holders - anything his clients wanted. The fun part was their reaction - when they saw my dad’s work, their faces really lit up. I was always really proud of him.”

Noel was so affected by his dad’s impact on people that he wanted to do the same thing. “I tried to make my own duffel bag when I was fourteen, but that didn’t turn out too well,” he laughs. “I still had a few things to learn.”

Noel taught himself a lot by studying what other designers had done. “On my way home from work every night, I used to walk alone from 51st Street to 72nd Street and study every luxury boutique store window. I learned so much about visual merchandising just by doing this. I also watched documentaries about luxury bags and designers on YouTube. It was all I wanted to do.”

Noel had found his passion, but he still faced a long road to achieving his dreams, which hit him hard sometimes. Noel is grateful for the advice he received from industry professionals. “Rebecca Minkoff assured me that if I persevered like she had, I would make it. Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston told me basically the same thing, so I took it as a sign that I needed to just gut it out and keep going.”

Noel did indeed continue on his journey to becoming an in-demand designer. Starting his company, HEMINCUFF, was thrilling, and he’s committed to its mission: to empower creative, adventurous professionals who aim high, focus on achieving the unachievable, and look elegant while doing it. “Our clients are at the top of their professions, either in the business or the creative world. One thing they really like about HEMINCUFF is that the work I produce is meticulous. Nothing that I make is rushed. I am setting the tone for the vegan luxe market and have plans to elevate it even more.”

Noel is passionate about HEMINCUFF’s focus on vegan products. “I saw videos of major luxury brands harming animals so that they could use their skins for their products. This is intolerable. I want HEMINCUFF to lead by example and create luxury products without harming any animals. We also help nature by putting greenery in the background of every production shot and by donating to onetreeplanted.org with every bag we sell.”

Noel has a clear vision for HEMINCUFF. “Picture this: HEMINCUFF’s entire line will be made-to-order. That’s cool enough as it is, but what really will take this over the top is that every client will receive a video of their bag being made. What that means is that everyone will have a luxury experience on my website. I’m also in the process of expanding and am interviewing craftsmen to be on my team.”

That team will help Noel to take HEMINCUFF in a new direction, one that is inspired by the past. “I love history,” he said, “and I am intrigued by designers from the 1800s. They created this really cool trunk that people used when they traveled around the world. I decided to make it more modern and bring it back into fashion, and my version of it will be called the Paris Presidential Trunk. Each one will have a photo of my dad inside of it. I will always honor his memory through HEMINCUFF.”

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