IBM, HCL collaborate on security operations

Tuesday, 27. April 2021 07:28

IBM Security has collaborated with HCL Technologies to help unify and streamline threat management for clients using a modernized security operation center platform, according to an official company announcement released on Tuesday.

HCL's Cybersecurity Fusion Centers will be designed to leverage IBM's Cloud Pak in order to create a single unified security platform. Said platform will enable easier connectivity between security teams, tools, and various processes across the threat lifecycle. "Modern security demands an open platform that leverages AI and automation to help security operations teams connect disparate tools, provide insights and orchestrate response across hybrid cloud environments," said IBM Security's Chief Executive Officer Justin Youngblood. He added that HCL and IBM are modernizing their security output in order to help clients accelerate their security outcomes.

The two companies continued their collaboration established back in 2019 when HCL purchased IBM's software products for $1.8 billion. HCL's initial focus was acquiring products in large growing market areas, with cybersecurity being one of the most important strategic segments for the company.

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