US opens flat to higher, S&P, Nasdaq at new records

Thursday, 04. November 2021 14:30

Shares on the major stock market indexes in the United States started the trading session flat to higher on Thursday, with the Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 at new records, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovered around its all-time high.

The number of jobless claims decreased by 14,000 during the last week, while September's reading of the US trade balance showed a rise in the country's trade deficit, which amounted to $80.9 billion. Moderna failed to meet estimates with its third-quarter earnings, resulting in a 16% tumble at the open. Uber, Airbnb, and Novavax will release their reports after the close.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average stood flat as the session started. The Nasdaq 100 jumped 0.3% at the same time, with Qualcomm surging 14.05%. The S&P concurrently gained 0.14%. Qualcomm was S&P's strongest performer. The euro dropped 0.4% versus the dollar, selling for 1.15656 at 9:31 am ET.

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