PTA-News: Ad-hoc committee of holders of notes issued by Corestate Capital Holding S.A.: Disclosure of information (including on business plan) relating to Corestate Capital Holding S.A.

Saturday, 05. November 2022 01:40

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Frankfurt am Main (pta001/05.11.2022/01:40) - This disclosure is made on behalf of the ad-hoc committee of holders (the " AHC") of notes issued by Corestate Capital Holding S.A. (" CCHSA"), currently representing approximately 49% of the outstanding aggregate principal amount of the EUR 200,000,000 1.375% convertible notes maturing on 28 November 2022 (ISIN DE000A19SPK4) and approximately 79% of the outstanding aggregate principal amount of the EUR 300,000,000 3.5% notes maturing on 15 April 2023 (ISIN DE000A19YDA9) (the notes together, the " Existing Notes"; Existing Notes which do not bear voting rights pursuant to sec. 6 of the German Bond Act (Schuldverschreibungsgesetz) were disregarded for the purpose of determining the relevant aggregate holdings of the AHC).

The AHC has been in discussions with CCHSA about alternative measures to address the maturities of the Existing Notes. In this context, the members of the AHC entered into confidentiality agreements with CCHSA in order to conduct due diligence and negotiate key terms of a financial restructuring in relation to CCHSA and the Existing Notes. In the course of such discussions, CCHSA disclosed information to the AHC.

CCHSA provided a draft cleansing announcement for the disclosure of the information provided to the AHC via a virtual data room to the AHC on 3 November 2022, around 00:09 am CET (the " Cleansing Announcement"). Immediately before, on 2 November 2022 around 23:43 pm CET, CCHSA informed the AHC that it considers the Cleansing Announcement to be in publishable form. CCHSA, however, refrained from publishing the Cleansing Announcement. On 4 November 2022 around 20:31 pm CET, CCHSA confirmed its consent for the publication of the Cleansing Announcement by the AHC.

Consequently, the AHC has made the Cleansing Announcement as provided to the AHC by CCHSA accessible as PDF.

The AHC has not prepared the Cleansing Announcement and does not assume any responsibility for the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the Cleansing Announcement (or whether any information has been omitted from the announcement). Further, the AHC expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to update, review or revise any information contained in this Cleansing Announcement, whether as a result of new information, future developments or otherwise.


emitter: Ad-hoc committee of holders of notes issued by Corestate Capital Holding S.A.
address: c/o Milbank LLP, Neue Mainzer Straße 74, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
country: Germany
contact person: FAO Dr. Mathias Eisen

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