Europe turns to gains as US optimism spills over

Wednesday, 19. January 2022 14:51

Shares on the major European stock market benchmarks reversed course on Wednesday and started trading in the green, seemingly prompted by a change of sentiment in the premarket trade on Wall Street.

United States-based lenders, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley came out with strong financial earnings reports. Inflation statistics from earlier in the day said that inflation in Germany amounted to 5.3% in December, while United Kingdom's figure came in at 5.4%.

The DAX rose 0.63% at 2:49 pm CET, while CAC 40 added 0.83% at the same time. The FTSE 100 concurrently increased by 0.61%. The euro and the pound added 0.25% and 0.26% versus the dollar at 2:50 pm CET, selling for 1.13480 and 1.36280, respectively.

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