Asian shares higher amid inflation data, earnings

Friday, 27. May 2022 07:17

Shares in the Asia-Pacific region rose on Friday as investors digested the latest report on inflation in Japan's capital, as well as remarks delivered by the governor of Tokyo's central lender, Haruhiko Kuroda.

In business news, China's technology company Alibaba Group Holding Limited posted better-than-anticipated results in the fiscal year's final quarter.

Japan's Nikkei 225 grew by 0.65% at 7:15 am CET, while Australia's S&P/ASX 200 rose 1.1% at the same time. South Korea's Kospi concurrently advanced by 0.85%.

The Shanghai Composite gained 0.5% at 7:01 am CET, and Shenzhen Composite improved by 0.49% at the same time. Hong Kong's Hang Seng jumped 2.66% at 7:16 am CET. The dollar went down by 0.25% compared to the Japanese yen at the time, trading for 126.799.

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