Sanofi pulls out of mRNA COVID vaccine development

Tuesday, 28. September 2021 09:48

Sanofi SA will not move on to phase three trials for its mRNA coronavirus vaccine as "there is no public health need" for another shot developed using that technology, Thomas Triomphe, the vice president of Sanofi's vaccine unit Pasteur revealed in an interview with AFP on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the company announced that the Phase 1/2 study data of its vaccine demonstrated that virus-neutralizing antibodies were detected in "91% to 100%" of trial participants "two weeks after a second injection, across all 3 dosages tested."

Sanofi will keep fighting "the COVID-19 pandemic with its adjuvanted recombinant protein candidate vaccine, developed in partnership with GSK" and has also decided to work on an "mRNA-based investigational vaccine against seasonal influenza."

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