Russia: Ukraine's regime trying to sell off country

Monday, 08. August 2022 11:35

Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) claimed on Monday that Ukraine's authorities are trying to "sell off" the country, particularly to Poland by allowing Warsaw's troops to enter the west of its territory on the pretext they should act as peacekeepers.

According to the publication on the SVR's website, Poland is "gradually implementing its far-reaching ambitions regarding Ukraine." Apart from introducing its troops there, Warsaw is, as the service claimed, planning to take control over Ukraine's "most promising sectors of the economy."

The SVR's remarks came after a series of deals Poland and Ukraine signed since Russia's military operation in the latter country started. The initial documents that were signed gave Poland's citizens a special status in Ukraine with more rights, and the similar went for Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Moscow then commented that Ukraine de facto allowed to be seized.

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