Gazprom's reason for gas halt not understandable - Siemens

Tuesday, 06. September 2022 10:47

Siemens Energy said on Tuesday it does not understand Gazprom's stance on the situation at the Portovaya Compressor Station in Russia, as the Russian giant previously said it can not resume its gas flow to Europe until the German company repairs the Nord Stream equipment.

''Therefore, until further notice, our assessment is that the finding communicated to us does not represent a technical reason for stopping operation. Such leaks do not normally affect the operation of a turbine and can be sealed on site,'' Siemens Energy explained.

Gazprom previously decided to halt its Nord Stream gas transportation after finding an alleged oil leak, which followed the G7's decision to implement a price cap on Russian oil. Kremlin also stressed that a complete stop of gas flow could be expected when the mentioned measure enters into force.

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