Lightyear makes first solar electric car

Wednesday, 30. November 2022 18:11

Dutch company Lightyear announced on Wednesday it became the first company to produce solar electric vehicles. Production of the Lightyear 0 solar EV started in Finland, with the plan to produce one car per week. The car is planned to drive for months without charging, depending on where customers live, cars located in sunny countries can expect about seven months of drive time without charging.

CEO and Co-Founder of Lightyear, Lex Hoefsloot, started the project with fellow Dutch engineering students six years ago. Hoefsloot said: "Starting production of Lightyear 0, the first solar car, brings us a big step closer to our mission of clean mobility for everyone, everywhere. We may be the first to achieve this, but I certainly hope we aren’t the last."

The Lightyear 0 model starts at €250,000 and there are already about 150 pre-orders.

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