IDF blames Hamas misfires for civilian deaths

Friday, 14. May 2021 06:20

The Israel Defense Force stated that the civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip were caused by misfires rockets launched by Hamas, which detonated within the region.

According to their statement, there were some 300 misfires since the start of the shelling contributing to the deaths, adding that Hamas and Islamic Jihad "deliberately placed military weapons and equipment in densely populated civilian areas." Moreover, the statement also asserted that the groups "encourage civilians to stay" in regions where rocket warnings were issued.

Meanwhile, Israeli air defenses shot down a drone headed into the country and rocket exchanges lasted throughout the night, with a ceasefire between the two sides seeming far away. According to the latest figures, more than 100 Palestinians, which the IDF argued were mostly Hamas and Jihad operatives and seven Israelis have died so far in the conflict.

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