Europe flat to lower premarket amid earnings

Monday, 18. October 2021 07:22

Shares on the major stock market indexes in Europe traded flat to lower in the premarket on Monday, as the investors awaited more corporate earnings reports.

The Dutch technology company, Philips, revealed that its sales slid 7.6% in the year's third fiscal quarter.

The CAC 40 was flat at 7:02 am CET, while the DAX lost 0.09% at 7:20 am CET. At the same time, the FTSE 100 was little changed. The euro dropped 0.16% compared to the dollar, selling for 1.15797 at 7:23 am CET, with the pound down by 0.17% versus the greenback, changing hands at 1.37277 at the same time.

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