US legislators caution Apple on working with China's YMTC

Friday, 09. September 2022 07:49

The United State legislators told the Financial Times in an interview, released on Friday, that they are concerned over Apple Inc. partnering up with China's state-owned Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp (YMTC) on the new iPhone 14 chips.

United States Republican Senator Marco Rubio said "Apple is playing with fire" as it is aware of "security risks posed by YMTC." He noted that if the partnership happens Apple "will be subject to scrutiny like it has never seen from the federal government." US Republican Representative Michael McCaul commented that the Chinese chip maker "has extensive ties to the Chinese Communist party and military" and that "Apple will effectively be transferring knowledge to YMTC that will supercharge its capabilities and help the CCP achieve its national goals."

Meanwhile, Apple told the FT that the company is not planning to use the YMTC Nand chips in phones sold outside of China, adding that data stored on these chips is "fully encrypted."

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