Warren singles out FedEx, Nike, Amazon when pushing for tax hikes

Tuesday, 27. April 2021 17:08

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren, a progressive Democrat, spoke on Tuesday on the proposal of tax increases for corporations to fund the infrastructure bill, specifically underlining three corporations: FedEx, Nike and Amazon as those giants that don't "pitch-in" enough.

"What's happening right now in America, is these small businesses pay their taxes at the full rate. They got to pay the whole thing You look at businesses like FedEx and Nike, businesses like Amazon, and they pay zero. Right now there's a thumb on the scale in the tax part of this, and that is a thumb to help the giants," Warren said.

Warren, a member of the Senate Finance and Banking committees, is a strong advocate for the proposal to raise corporate taxes from 21% to 28%. In an interview with CNBC, she criticized Amazon for sending "armies of lawyers and lobbyists" to shape the tax code in their favor.

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