Novak says it's possible to restore Nord Stream pipelines

Sunday, 02. October 2022 19:34

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak on Sunday noted it should be possible to restore the Nord Stream gas pipelines after the recent gas leaks, Russia's TASS news agency reported.

Novak reportedly told a pro-Kremlin journalist that he is confident the time and funds needed to restore the pipeline will be found. "As of today, we assume it is first of all necessary to find out who did it, and we are confident countries that previously expressed certain views are interested in it," he said.

The Nord Stream 1 and the inoperational Nord Stream 2 pipelines that connect Russia with Germany experienced several leaks over the past few days, which sparked speculation about a possible sabotage. The pipelines found themselves at the center of geopolitical tensions this year after Russia cut its gas supplies to Europe as an answer to the bloc's sanctions against Moscow.

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