Lufthansa issues bond with total volume of €1.6B

Donnerstag, 04. Februar 2021 19:21

Deutsche Lufthansa AG announced on Thursday that it "issued a bond with a total volume of" €1.6 billion.

The bond with €100,000 denomination was issued in two tranches. The volume of the first one stands at €750 million and has a term until February 11, 2025 with a 2.875% yearly interest. The second tranche, amounting to €850 million, has a term until February 11, 2028 with a 3.75% interest per annum.

"Today's successful bond placement allows us to repay the entire KfW loan. The refinancing even lowers our financing costs. Despite the repayment, however, it is likely that we will draw additional elements of the stabilization package which are currently unused," the company's CFO Remco Steenbergen revealed in a statement.

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