Blue Rhino Offers Spring Cleaning Tips to Propane Grill Owners

Tuesday, 22. March 2022 14:28

LIBERTY, Mo., March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Giving the house a thorough cleaning is one of the many time-honored traditions of spring. But as you dust off ceiling fans and clear leaves from gutters this year, there’s one item your taste buds hope you add to your spring-cleaning list. 

We’re talking, of course, about the propane grill. While many enjoy the delicious benefits of grilling year-round, some prefer to put their grill away for the winter and pull it back out in the spring. Regardless of how often yours is used, Blue Rhino, the nation’s leading propane exchange brand, suggests that all grill owners tune up their propane grill to ensure it operates properly all season long.

“Special moments with family and friends begin around the propane grill,” Blue Rhino Vice President of Operations Geoffrey Jaynes said. “Spring is such a great time of year for many reasons, and that certainly includes the many opportunities provided by warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours to grill. So it’s time to get ready to grill.”

Here are some important spring-cleaning tips for your grill.

  1. Check Your Connections for Leaks - Grill owners have some important responsibilities. In addition to making sure every dish is cooked to perfection, grill owners should also keep in mind the need to check their propane tank connections for leaks before every cookout. That’s why we’ve put it at the top of this list. Hoses that are brittle or damaged should be replaced before performing a leak check with a solution of water and soap. More information about checking propane tanks for leaks can be found on the Blue Rhino Propane Tank FAQs page.
  2. Make Your Grates Look Great Again - The grate is where the magic happens. That’s the surface where those carefully selected cuts of meat will be gently placed, flipped, turned, and shared with friends and family at your table. Cleaning the grates is a practice you should get into the habit of doing after each cookout and just before firing up the grill to cook your next meal. The routine may require some effort, but it’s a very simple process. Start by cranking your burners to high and closing the lid for about 15 minutes. When you reach that point, turn the burners off and let them cool slightly. While the grates are still warm, brush them off with a sturdy grill brush. Make sure to use a little elbow grease for some of those hard-to-clean pieces of debris, and finish things off by wiping down the grates with a clean paper towel or rag once the grill has cooled slightly.
  3. Ensure Your Burners Burn Properly - Don’t be burned by thoughts that your burners will function properly once your propane grill makes its triumphant return to its favorite spot on your deck or patio. Before removing the burners, turn the gas tank valve so that it’s closed, and switch off the knobs of your grill. Next, disconnect the gas tank and consult the grill owner’s manual on how to remove burners. Clean the venturi of each burner in a side-to-side motion with a small bottlebrush to avoid pushing debris further into the tube. Clean any clogged ports with a stiff wire or paper clip, making sure to not increase the size of the holes. If there is damage to the burners, like cracks or holes, be sure to replace those parts accordingly.
  4. Make Your Grill Shine Like New - Think of your grill as if it were a convertible that’s been safely covered and stored in the garage all winter. With winter behind us, more people are going to want to see and spend time around this fun toy, which means you’ll want it to shine like new. Doesn't your propane grill deserve that same attention? The secret to achieving that “new grill” aesthetic is to use a cloth and a mild dishwashing detergent, or baking soda mixed with water, to shine the exterior of your grill. You can also use a special formulated spray grill cleaner, such as a citrus-based cleaner. Then, rinse it and dry with a soft cloth. For stainless steel, use a non-flammable stainless steel grill cleaner (exterior only). Spray on and wipe with a lint-free cloth with a side-to-side motion with the grain.
  5. Don’t forget the Blue Rhino! - With more than 60,000 exchange locations across the country and home delivery now available in a growing number of markets, there’s never an excuse for running out of propane. Spring is the perfect time of year to check the amount of propane in your Blue Rhino tank to see if it’s time to exchange for a fresh one. And don’t forget that those who are best prepared always remember to have a spare handy!

Welcome to spring and to another year of delicious propane grilling! For more on spring cleaning, visit For other helpful grill-related tips and hundreds of great recipes for the propane grill, visit

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