Oslo bars Russia's cargo transport to Svalbard

Tuesday, 28. June 2022 16:33

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry turned down Moscow's request to allow cargo to be transferred to Russian settlements on Svalbard via the only checkpoint on the Russian-Norwegian border Storskog, TASS reported on Tuesday, citing Norwegian television and radio company with reference to the commentary of the Kingdom's Foreign Ministry.

The Russian Embassy in Oslo, according to the TV and radio company, requested permission to transport food to the Russian mining village of Barentsburg on Spitsbergen last month. Approximately 20 tons of Russian goods are currently at the Storskog checkpoint, bound for Russian settlements in Svalbard, the E24 TV channel reported.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, Norway has joined the European Union's sanctions against Russia, closing entry to its territory for Russian trucks, which has then exempted Svalbard from the restrictions. Similarly, Lithuanian authorities have banned transporting Russian goods by rail to Kaliningrad, according to Moscow.

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